Rover, a doggy Airbnb, raises $12M round led by Menlo Ventures

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If you still needed evidence that the collaborative consumption model is spreading to all sectors of the regular consumer economy, look no further than the quickly growing market for pet boarding services online. Dog sitting service Rover on Wednesday announced it has raised a $12 million Series C round, led by new investor and Silicon Valley institution Menlo Ventures.

That follows Rover competitor DogVacay’s $15 million funding round in October. Both companies match dog owners with people willing to offer up their homes and time to take car of your pooch when you leave town. Basically they’re both Airbnbs for pet care, except with a greater level of service (when was the last time your Aribnb host engaged you in a game of tug of war or cleaned up after your mess in the yard?).

Dog with iPhone (Hippo the connected pit bull)

Though DogVacay has attracted more attention, Rover actually launched three months earlier in late 2011

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